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Emily Melton

"What stands out to me the most about Ash as a producer is how much he respects and values my thoughts and input as an artist. He’s always open to any ideas or critiques I have about the production process, and finds the best way to bring my vision to life. He’s always more than happy to make adjustments, and does so quickly and efficiently. It’s an absolute joy to work with someone who really honors the creative vision that I have when working on a project, and Ash does exactly that!"

Austin Hull

"I have known Ash for about a year and he has constantly impressed me with his work. I have always loved the tracks he produces, but when I had the opportunity to get a remix for my song "two-sided mind" done by him, it was a game-changer! Ash was able to take a song that was profoundly personal to me and put his own stamp and touch on the track. His remix did a perfect job at capturing the vibe and essence of my original, while expanding on the experience, soundscape, and atmosphere. Not only was I blown away at the quality of the remix, but I could not believe the turnaround time. He sent me back a fully finished, mixed and mastered remix within a day. I've had a handful of remixes done from large and small artists and producers, and while they were all amazing, Ash's really took it up a notch and blew me away. I am looking forward to working with him on many more collaborations in the near future."


"Working with Ash was a great experience. He absolutely nailed the vibe I was looking for with his remix of my song "Over You". I was blown away by the quality of the mix. He has great communication, quick turnaround times, and offers top notch production. I'm excited to work with him again on future projects and I really can't recommend him enough!"


"Living in Australia and the global pandemic has meant we have been working with Ash remotely over the last few months. We’ve trialled some covers and also originals, trying to find our individual sound as artists. Ash is prompt and will always put 110% into whatever project he is working on. He is adaptive and will explore ideas brought to him as well as offering valuable feedback"

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 20.56.16.png

Working with Ash has been amazing. As someone that struggled with confidence in my own ability, Ash has made the process easy, fun, yet very professional! Initially we had nice zoom meeting discussing goals, and intentions. To date I have completed 3 singles with Ash, each of which have phenomenal production quality meeting the standard industry sound. I put 100% of my trust in Ash’s decisions on mixing and mastering especially if I’m missing on minor details. Obviously music is not a cheap career to be in, however Ash is very reasonable. Enough of me rambling, just get ahold of him to get your project started today!


"Ash was a dream to work with! We have done a couple songs together! He’s very efficient & the songs were quality from the get go! I love that Ash takes chances & tries unexpected things so your outcome isn’t standard or basic but something fresh, unique & A VIBE! You’re doing it wrong if you don’t work with Ash Taylor!"

Lee Ward

"Working with Ash was some of the best fun I’d had in a long time, not only is he talented and professional, he’s able to have fun with you too. To get to see him work in person is honestly amazing, he can crank out ideas and sounds like it’s nothing, so his dedication to the craft shows. He was receptive to my ideas and kept many of my original ideas in the production. He was also receptive to feedback and was able to help bring my musical visions to life."

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